1.      How long have you been practicing law?

I graduated in 1984 from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. My first position was a 2 year Judicial Clerkship with the First Appellate District of Ohio which ended in August of 1986. I entered private practice on September 1, 1986. Consequently, I have been in the private practice of law for 28 years.

2.      What made you want to become a lawyer?

I believe the legal profession is a service profession designed to help people solve their legal problems. I have always loved the study of law. The law is constantly changing and evolving– it is a fascinating profession. I wanted to be a lawyer so I could help people.

3.      Why did you decide on personal injury law?

I chose personal injury as my focus because I enjoy helping injured victims achieve justice. Those who are injured due to the fault of another are entitled to full and fair compensation. I love fighting for the ‘little guy.’

4.      What makes your law firm unique?

My law firm is unique because I handle every case personally. I fight very hard for all of my clients within the bounds of the law. I am truthful with my clients, and I make every effort to keep them informed as their case develops. I treat all of my clients with respect and dignity.

5.      What is a typical day like for you?

Each day is different. My days are made up of depositions, court appearances, client interviews, phone calls, legal research, drafting correspondence and pleadings, and settlement negotiations.

6.      What do you like best about your job?

I am a people person. The best part of my job is working with different kinds of people. It makes me feel great when a client leaves my office, at the end of the case, and is satisfied with the results I have obtained for him or her.

7.      How do Rachel and Maureen play a part in the success of Ohio Injury Law?

Rachel Duvall is my paralegal and Maureen Erney is our Office Manager. The three of us work together to make sure that all deadlines are being met and that we are serving the needs of our clients.

8.      What have you learned most by being a lawyer?

I have learned that you have to be patient to achieve excellent results. I have also learned that most of the time, my clients are better served by compromising their positions in order to achieve settlements that are in their best interest.

9.      What sort of professional activities do you enjoy?

I am an active member of the Ohio Association for Justice and the Central Ohio Association for Justice. I was president of the COAJ, formerly known as the Franklin County Trial Lawyers Association, in 2008-2009. I am an active member of Columbus Rotary and was president of that organization in 2008-2009. I enjoy continuing to learn about developments in the law, and I am, therefore, always attending continuing legal education courses.

10.    What type of personal activities do you enjoy outside of the office?

I love the outdoors. I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and playing golf. I have a big family, and I enjoy spending time with them.

11.    What else is important to you?

I am a strong believer in volunteer service to the community. I feel that I have an obligation to give back to our community by serving the needs of those less fortunate than me. I have been very involved in community service projects with Columbus Rotary. For example, in December, I will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army; buying Christmas gifts for children with cancer; and planning a Christmas party for the severely handicapped children at Colerain Elementary School.

12.    What advice do you have for students contemplating the legal profession?

The legal profession is the oldest and greatest profession known to man. It is honorable and noble. A lawyer has enormous responsibilities to his/her clients. I would encourage anyone interested in the study of law to attend law school and become a lawyer.

13.    What would you say to someone who is looking for a personal injury lawyer about why they should consider you?

There is no substitute for experience. I specialize in personal injury law. I have tried many personal injury cases and I am knowledgeable, experienced and battle tested. I am honest and truthful with my clients. I am a good communicator and I keep my clients informed. I am also a fighter, and I believe that every client deserves justice. It is important to me that at the end of the case, my client feels satisfied with the result and that justice has been done.