There is always that split moment of panic right after you’ve been hit on the road. Let’s say it was a fender bender, and you are late for work. More than likely there is no injury, but you read that article last week about late onset pain. Even worse, now you have to deal with insurance and seek legal advice. So what should you do when the insurance company from the liable party offers you a settlement?


It is always best to consult an attorney before making any decisions about an offer presented by an insurance company. While circumstances may make logical sense to you, underlying that could be a legal precedent. You may be rightfully entitled to a greater settlement.


Insurance companies are known to rush settlements of this sort, and that is another reason to seek legal counsel. Something may have been overlooked when they evaluated the initial claim.


There is a caveat. If you are being offered the full value for property damage that you estimate, and property damage was all that was involved, it may be just as cost effective to accept the offer.


I cannot stress enough, however, that if you have any question at all about the offer, it is always best to seek legal counsel.


In the central Ohio area, Robert D. Erney, JD specializes in personal injury law and knows many of the adjusters working for insurance companies. He can give you the answers you need, and he is ready to be truthful and handle your case efficiently and professionally. He also holds an AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is listed as a Columbus Super Lawyer.