Columbus Bar Association President’s Report | December

Join Robert D. Erney, president of The Columbus Bar Association for his December president’s report.

Hello everyone, and welcome to our December 2020 podcast. On behalf of Jill Snitcher, our executive director, her staff and all of us here at the Columbus Bar Association, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This is the time of year when we think of others and think about giving gifts to others. Well, we’re very aware of all of the gifts that you as our members have given us in 2020, and we thank you for those gifts.

You have made us better and stronger than we otherwise would have been, and we thank you. We want your membership and the CBA to be a gift to you as well, a gift of friendship and a gift of relationships that are absolutely priceless.

I know that these are uncertain times, but we are here for you, we are here for each other, you know that the Bar Association will always help you in any way that we can. We have your back. We are here for you.

We have some surprises for you in 2021. We have added to our staff a videographer and photographer by the name of Kelly Marshall.

Now, Kelly is highly experienced and has been in the business for a very long time, and he will be available to assist you with all of your digital marketing and YouTube creation, as well as photographs and headshots, all at a reduced rate because of your membership.

If you need CLE, before the end of the year, we’ve got that available for you as well, including your ethics and professionalism, just go to our website for a full listing of all of our CLE that is available.

2021 is going to be a fantastic year for all of us. We look forward to our time together, and we thank you for everything you’ve done for us in 2020. I’m Rob Erney, number 130. Best wishes for the holiday season.

Consider watching the video podcast for this President’s Report on The Columbus Bar Associations Website.