Columbus Bar Association President’s Report | January

Join Robert D. Erney, president of The Columbus Bar Association for his December president’s report.

Rob: Hi everybody, it’s January 2021. I’m coming to you today live from the CBA offices. We are always looking for new benefits to help our members practice law more successfully.

Today, I am very happy and excited to announce a new member benefit involving photography, videography and marketing videos for your firm.

We have added to our staff a highly experienced and skilled photographer, videographer, by the name of Kelley Marshall. He’s here today to explain to you about all the services that he can provide. Kelley, take it away.

Kelley: Hi everyone, I’m Kelley Marshall, the audio visual specialist here at the Columbus Bar Association. I wanna take you on a quick little tour today to give you some idea of some of the services that we’re offering to our membership at a discount rate. But first of all, let’s talk about a very serious matter, and that is COVID-19.

We have emplaced a very rigid set of protocols where you’ll be asked to sign in once you enter the building, we’ll take your temperature and then ask that you wear a mask until either your photo session begins or your video recording begins.

I personally will be in a mask the entire time, and then after each session, all the equipment is wiped down and sanitized to make sure that it’s ready to go for the next person.

Now that we’ve got that under our belt, let me take you on a little tour and show you what you can expect. The first stop on our tour is our video and photo studio, you can see we have some great equipment here, and it’s a nice location out of the way, we get good audio in here, we get good images, and it’s a very workable space.

 Kelley: Next stop is our COVID friendly podcast studio. Here, you’ll find a very nice studio set up where you’ll be able to talk with your guests and using high quality microphones to get the best sounding quality audio.

Most of our podcasts involve the interviewer coming here to interview the subject via Zoom. It’s not ideal, it’s not perfect, but as we’re working through the pandemic, it’s a great option. Next stop is the edit suite, you’ll find me here most of the time.

This is where I process the photos and the videos. As you can see, I have some very nice equipment and I’m ready to take on your next project. Right now, we’re offering members a free head shot, you could either use this for the directory or you can use it on your own website or any other marketing materials you may have.

This basically is a half-hour session and you come in, I take your photo, I run it through some editing software and deliver you a digital copy in a couple of different formats. It’s a great deal, and it’s something I hope everyone takes advantage of. The rates and services will be posted on our website in the very new future.

Kelley: In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call me or email me at kelley@cbalaw.org, that’s K-E-L-L-E-Y. Thanks for stopping by, and with that, I’ll turn it back to Rob.

Rob: Thank you, Kelley. We encourage all of you to take advantage of this new member benefit. Last week, we witnessed history with Kamala Harris being sworn in as our new vice president.

When she was a young girl growing up, her mother told her that she may very well be the first, but just make sure that you’re not the last. Stay positive. Test negative. I’m Rob Erney, thank you for listening. We’ll see you next month.

Consider watching the video podcast for this President’s Report on The Columbus Bar Associations Website.