Many people have questions regarding the Ohio law involving “failure to control.” The Ohio statute, involving the traffic violation known as “failure to control,” is set forth in Ohio Revised Code 4511.202. That section provides, in part, as follows:
          R.C. 4511.202 Operation without being in reasonable control of vehicle,
          trolley, or streetcar.
           (A) No person shall operate a motor vehicle * * * on any street, highway, or property open to the public for vehicular traffic
                 without being in reasonable care of the vehicle * * *.
This statute makes clear that motor vehicle operators must be in reasonable control of their vehicle at all times while operating that vehicle on a street, highway, or other property open to the public for vehicular traffic. Violation of Ohio’s “failure to control” statute is a minor misdemeanor.
For example, suppose you are driving your car on a public road in the wintertime, you hit a patch of ice, and you spin out of control. If you hit another car or damage someone’s private property, you are in violation of this statute, even though you were obeying all of Ohio’s traffic laws. This is because you failed to maintain reasonable control of your vehicle after you hit the patch of ice.
I know this seems unfair to Ohio driver, but we are all required to maintain control of our vehicles at all times while we are driving. If you have questions about Ohio’s “failure to control” law, call Erney Law Co., LPA at (614) 258–6100.