Falling in public is more than just embarrassing and painful. If you fall in public and injure yourself, another party may be liable. Without getting into the legal obligations of a business or public establishment concerning liability, there are some steps anyone who falls in public should take after the incident.


  • Take pictures of the scene, of your clothes, and any indication of injury. If the area where the fall took place is in disrepair, find any documentation regarding inquiries into its being repaired. Try to get names and telephone numbers of anyone who witnessed the fall. It is important that no one hears you admitting fault in the fall. Doing so could change the liability of a case.


  • Seek medical attention immediately. If a case for personal injury comes from the fall, having medical records can be beneficial in court. File a report with the owner of the property. Reporting the accident is part of any personal injury case.


  • Finally, consult with an attorney before talking with insurance or signing any documentation from the establishment who owns the premises. An attorney will understand the legal ramifications for such actions and can advise your next steps.


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