FAQ about Scooter Accidents: Answer All your Questions

Scooter accidents occur more often than you may think. Electric scooters include an assortment of brands, such as Lime, Bird, Spin, Uber, and more. Scooter accidents can result in serious injuries.

Transportation by scooter is a rather new trend, and the  laws and guidelines are often not well understood by motorists on the roadways.  Scooter drivers tend to be in a vulnerable position as they operate as a vessel between cars and pedestrians. Scooter drivers often think many laws that apply to cars, don’t apply to scooters.. In reality, riding a scooter can be just as risky as driving a car or a motorcycle.

Here is a guide to the most commonly asked questions regarding scooter accidents.

1) Where do scooter accidents happen? What causes them?

The most common spot for scooter accidents occurs on busy sidewalks and intersections. Due to the high volume of people, it is difficult to navigate a moving vehicle like a scooter through busy crowds. Weaving in and out of groups of people while riding a scooter will increase the chances of a collision. 

Another cause of scooter accidents occurs when scooters are used in poor road conditions. Scooters are a lot more vulnerable to poor road conditions because of their structure and small wheels. One major bump can completely derail a scooter, send the passenger flying off, and leave the passenger or other bystanders injured. 

One should be especially careful when riding at night. Low visibility can cause a delay in reaction to uneven pavement or potholes that may cause serious damage and injuries. As a result, many scooter accidents occur on dark or unlit sidewalks in the late evening.

2) What kind of injuries are caused by scooter accidents?

The most common injuries from electric scooters are head injuries, lacerations, and fractures to the skull, face, and cervical spine.

It is important to be careful driving a scooter. With no safety belts, helmets, or extra protection, one mistake could send you flying off the scooter and seriously injuring yourself or others.  


3) What makes scooters so dangerous?

In most cases, scooters are not dangerous. Scooters are a fun way to get from one place to another; scooters are especially useful for traveling short distances. Problems arise due to reckless driving, mechanical problems, or unpredictable circumstances like road conditions or traffic. A scooter is only as dangerous as the people riding it. When driving carefully and attentively, most unfortunate consequences can be avoided. 

Unlike cars, trucks, or SUVs, scooters and motorcycles offer little protection. Without a seatbelt, or the passenger sitting safely inside the vehicle, the risks of injury from an accident occurring are higher due to the design of the bike itself.

You should always take extra precautions when riding a scooter. Accidents can still happen, even when you are extra careful. This means practicing safe driving, being alert and aware of your surroundings, and wearing a helmet.

4) Who is liable for scooter accidents?

Liability insurance is mandatory for all motorists on the roadways in Ohio.. However, it is not mandated for electric scooter riders. The majority of auto insurance policies do not cover scooter or bicycle rentals. This makes liability a question of who is truly at fault for the accident. Because scooter accidents have not been properly adapted into the legal system, if you are in a scooter accident, it may be a good idea to hire a trusted personal injury lawyer. 

5) What should I do after a scooter accident?

If you are injured, call 9-1-1. You want to attain a police report, as well as receive medical attention for your injuries. Take pictures of the scene including any and all vehicles involved. Take down all insurance information of involved parties, as well. If there are any witnesses, be sure to ask for their contact information.

You’ll want to contact an automobile accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer if any damages occur as a result of the accident. You may be entitled to various compensations.

6) I’ve been hurt in a scooter accident. Can I pursue compensation for any damages? 

Yes. If you are injured and the accident was not your fault, you are entitled to damages under Ohio law.

  • Medical Expenses: Transportation (ambulance, helicopter), hospitalization, surgeries, medical equipment, doctor’s appointments, and prescriptions are included in this category.
  • Lost Wages: In the event of injury-related incapacity to return to work, you may lose wages. You can claim compensation for these damages.
  • Pain, suffering, and limitations: You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and the effect that your injuries had on your everyday life.

When catastrophic injuries occur, such as a brain injury or paralysis resulting from spinal damage, your lawyer can help you calculate the lost future income and lost earning capacity.

The terms “pain and suffering” include compensation for physical and mental suffering suffered by a victim. The emotional pain of an injured victim cannot be overstated. It may even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A court can also order punitive damages in order to punish the at-fault party for certain types of gross negligence.

7) What kind of lawyer can help with a scooter accident?

If your case involves any kind of injury or you feel at loss due to an accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer is always a good idea. Erney Law can carefully examine your situation and determine what steps to take to help you recover effectively and honestly.

If you have a scooter accident, an experienced lawyer can negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on your behalf, so you receive the maximum compensation.

8) Do you need to have insurance on a scooter?

This varies from state to state. Some states consider any e-scooter or moped that has speeds of over 30mph to be a motorcycle. Other states like Texas consider certain mopeds or scooters as motorcycles and require a Class C driver’s license and motorcycle insurance. Check your own state laws for accurate information on whether special licenses or insurance are required for your type of scooter.


Were you involved in a scooter accident?

If you were involved in some type of electronic scooter, moped, or car accident, and you were injured, you may need legal representation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be your most valuable asset.

Erney Law has a proven track record of success when it comes to helping victims of personal injury recover fair and full compensation. It is our goal to assist you in getting your life back on track by using our highly decorated and esteemed personal injury law firm. Let us be your guide to assist you and your family in obtaining the care and compensation that you deserve.

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