Halloween is an exciting holiday for both kids and adults alike but there are many potential hazards on this holiday. Many people are aware that a large amount of drunk drivers hit the streets on Halloween every year but the night is also dangerous for those not in a vehicle. According to the Center of Disease Control, there is four times the amount of accidents involving automobiles and pedestrians on this night alone. Drivers on this night have an added responsibility to drive safer than normal.

  • Stay alert while driving in neighborhoods or areas where children will be trick-or-treating. Children are excited about the night and often walk along curbs or dart into the road.
  • Don’t try to pass other vehicles that have stopped in the middle of the road. Many families will drive their children around from house to house and will stop in the middle of the street. By passing a stopped vehicle, you could potentially collide with a child since you will have limited visibility.
  • Allow extra time to get to your destination. Both pedestrian and vehicle traffic increases on Halloween night so having patience and allowing extra time for your travel is necessary.
  • Drive the speed limit while in residential areas. Paying close attention to the posted speed limit within neighborhoods will allow you time to brake for any children that may run in the road. Also, many adult drivers will be focused on their children and not pay as much attention to the road. Driving slowly will help prevent potential collisions.
  • Avoid driving through residential areas if possible. Plan ahead and find alternate routes to take if you are not taking children trick-or-treating. It is better to go slightly out of the way than to travel through neighborhoods and encounter potential driving risks.
  • Stay off the phone or any other device that will take your eyes from the road. Some states have a law against using a phone while driving but not all of them. If you are driving on Halloween night, put the phone away and focus on your surroundings.
  • If you are picking up and dropping off trick-or-treaters, use your hazard lights while stopping to alert other drivers.
  • Never drive after drinking. Drunk driving is never a smart decision but you should avoid driving after drinking at all on Halloween. There are increased dangers that require a higher level of focus. Even if you are still under the legal limit, avoid driving if possible.
  • Stay indoors after dark. If you have plans to go to a party or social gathering, make a plan ahead of time in regards to how you are returning home. The most dangerous time to be on the road is between 5:30 and 9pm and should be avoided if possible.

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