Longwood Forest Recalls Angel Line Bunk Beds with Angled Ladders Due to Serious Entrapment and Strangulation Hazards

Most consumers will not recognize the gap between the top step of the ladder and the top bed to be dangerous.  In the children’s furniture industry, this is known as an “entrapment hazard.”  If the ladder is tilted up only a few inches, the entrapment hazard will be large enough for the torso of a small child to become trapped.  Gravity will pull the child’s body down – and pull the ladder down – closing the gap and compressing the child’s abdomen or lungs.  The child will die within minutes from positional asphyxiation.  Sadly, a young boy in Columbus died when both feet slipped through the entrapment hazard.  When he wiggled, moved and/or swung his arms and legs to get out, the ladder tilted up allowing the gap to get a little bit larger.  Each time the ladder moved enlarging the space, gravity pulled his little body deeper into the entrapment.  Despite heroic effort from his 4 year old brother who tried to pull him out, gravity and the tight squeeze was too much.  The young boy died from positional asphyxiation within minutes.

We want to thank the CPSC for conducting a full investigation and forcing a recall, which was announced yesterday. https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2022/Longwood-Forest-Recalls-Angel-Line-Bunk-Beds-with-Angled-Ladders-Due-to-Serious-Entrapment-and-Strangulation-Hazards-2-Year-Old-Childs-Death-Reported

No child should ever die from a product intended to be used in their bedroom. Please do what you can to educate families about this deceptive hazard.  If you happen to hear of a child dying in a bunk bed ladder, contact Erney Law TODAY!  Depending on the facts and the timing of the sale of the bed, the punitive damages will be significant.

Article courtesy of OAJ General Torts ListServ