As the spring weather rolls in, motorcyclists are eager to roll their wheels out, sharing the roadways and highways with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The compact nature of motorcycles makes them less visually noticeable on roadways dominated primarily by automobile traffic, which is why many drivers can often fail to notice them. With decreased riding stability and less occupant protection to safeguard them against serious injuries, motorcycle riders can face distinct vulnerabilities on the roads that lead to motorcycle accidents.

There are a variety of causes that can contribute to a motorcycle accident, from poor weather conditions to roadway or vehicle defects, to an inability by other motorists to see the riders in the lines of traffic. In any case, all motorists should be aware of the safety measures involved in sharing the roadways with motorcycle riders.

Practicing safety skills and being aware of your surroundings will help keep the roads safe. Motorcyclists can increase their personal safety through regular maintenance of bikes, including testing lights, brakes and turning signals, as well as overall and thorough routine checks. Riders can also increase safety by investing in tough gear, such as helmets, protective boots, gloves and body armor, and making sure to obey the laws of the road through turning signals and respecting the speed limit.

Even when all safety measures are in place, a rider may still be injured as the result of another persons negligence. According to the U.S. Department of Transportations National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 11 percent of all roadway accidents in the U.S. involve motorcycles, with head injuries as the leading cause of death.

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