As the seasons change and summer approaches, many new and exciting activities become available. After the cold of winter, there is nothing better than relaxing in the sun and enjoying the company of friends. Sometimes, though, this newfound freedom can result in potential injury. There are a few particular injuries that are common to the summer months and can be avoided with planning and attention.
Driving Dangers
A favorite way to unwind after a hot summer day is to relax with friends at a cookout or to hit the town and have some fun. Both of these things, however, can become dangerous, as they often involve the consumption of alcohol. Remember that operating a vehicle while intoxicated is entirely illegal, and not only can it endanger not only you and your passengers, but other drivers on the road. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove that danger as much as possible with some forethought and planning. The following are a few ideas to help shelter you from the temptation to drive or get into a car with a driver under the influence:
• Keep a taxi service on speed dial. Ease of access can make all the difference, so a one-touch way to contact a safe method of transportation can be key.
• Enlist a non-drinking friend to drive you. Make sure to determine who this is beforehand to avoid night of confusion and mishaps.
• If driving sober, pay very close attention to the road. Though you have made the responsible and safe decision, others may not have. Be aware of cars driving erratically or swerving within or between lanes. An intoxicated driver is an unpredictable driver, so distance yourself from this hazard as quickly as possible.
Poolside Hazards
Swimming can be a great way to cool down and get some exercise during the year’s hottest months. Pools do, however, present the possibility for injury. When having friends and family over for a swim or attending a public pool, keep a few things in mind:
• Not all hazards are clearly marked. Be aware of puddles, loose bricks, and other potential poolside dangers.
• Take note and inform others of the pool’s depth. Great injury can occur when a diver selects the wrong depth to jump into, so it is important to consider depth before jumping in and to inform your guests which areas of the pool are safe for what activities.
Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor sports, such as kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing, are great ways to spend a summer day in nature, but before you hit the river or the trail, consider these factors to keep yourself safe:
• Nature is vast, so inform someone of your general whereabouts and your estimated time of return when heading on any outdoor expedition. A trustworthy friend who is passively paying attention to your actions can be the difference between safety and peril.
• Equipment can wear with the seasons. Before climbing, check each portion of your rope to be sure no erosion or fraying has occurred. If you plan to go out on the water, give your kayak or boat a thorough examination.
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