Spring is in the air, and motorcycle season has officially begun! But, that bike of yours has most likely not been used in at least a few months, and maybe even longer. Before you and your bike take off for an open-road adventure, make sure your motorcycle is in top working condition. This will allow for maximal safety with minimal headache. Ohio Injury Law provides the following seven tips for getting that bike back to road-ready condition:



1.     Check-up. Time to dig through mountains of papers and find that old, torn service manual. Give it a good skimming and see if any potential problems can be identified and addressed. It is better to fix small problems now than to be forced to solve big problems later.

2.     Tires. Tires are important no matter what you drive, but motorcycle tires need extra attention. A blown tire on a motorcycle normally spells disaster for both bike and driver. Give the tires a good once-over. Do they still have good treads?  Treads should be at 1/16 of an inch or more to be considered safe. If not, it is time for a replacement.


3.     Battery. Most motorcycles use a lithium or lead-acid battery. It does not really matter which one you have. What does matter is that it probably needs a good charge, especially if the bike has been captive in the garage all winter. Avoid getting stuck in a spring shower with a bike that just won’t turn over. Charge before you ride.



4.     Oil. A new bike season is the best reminder that it is time for an oil change. While you are at it, change the filter as well. A yearly change will do wonders for your engine.



5.     Fluid. You may enjoy a good beer (though not while driving) in much the same way as your bike enjoys good fluids. Make sure your brake fluid is to the level it should be, and change it if necessary. Long rides on hot days call for an adequate amount of coolant as well. Ensure your bike’s coolant is topped off before adventuring.



6.     Fuel. Most likely, you probably will not forget to gas up your hog. But, before you ride, make sure you don’t start off with that tank of gas that has been sitting all winter. Your bike deserves fresh fuel and will thank you for it with increased performance.



7.     Make her shine. Now that all of the maintenance issues have been taken care of, it is time to get that bike gleaming once again. Condition her leather with some high-quality, bike friendly leather buffing products. Polish her chrome until it sparkles, while taking time to check for any small dings or scratches that can be easily addressed.

With your motorcycle back to her pre-winter splendor, venture out and enjoy the ride. Experiencing our nation from the seat of a bike is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Everyone at Ohio Injury Law wishes you an enjoyable and safe motorcycle season!