While spring brings warm weather and sunshine, it also brings certain safety risks around the home. From spring cleaning to going on spring break, there are many ways that your home and family could be at risk for a variety of personal injury accidents. But how can you prepare for these safety risks? There are a number of things to keep in mind.


Spring Cleaning


Spring is a popular time for cleaning out your home. When you conduct annual spring cleaning, keep an eye toward safety with these tips:


  • Smoke Alarms: Spring is a good time to test your smoke alarms. Make sure they are all in good working order, change the batteries if necessary, and replace all smoke detectors at 10-year intervals. Be sure to have at least one smoke alarm installed on each floor of your home.
  • Carbon Monoxiede Detectors: Check your carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in good working order, and change the batteries if necessary.
  • Light Bulbs: Replace both interior and exterior light bulbs to keep your home well lit.
  • Medications: When cleaning for spring, be sure to clear out medicine cabinets. Properly dispose of any medications that have expired or that you no longer need.
  • Fire Extinguisher: If your home has a fire extinguisher, check that all components are intact, including the safety seal and maintenance tag. Check the pressure gauge to ensure that it is in the right range for use, and make certain the nozzle isn’t clogged.
  • First Aid Kit: Be sure your family’s first aid kit is well stocked, and replace supplies if necessary.
  • Ladder Safety: Spring cleaning often involves climbing on ladders. Stay safe by using a spotter and by never climbing above the fourth rung from the top.
  • Moing Heavy Object: To stay safe when moving heavy objects, ask for help if necessary to avoid falling or hurting your back.


Flood Preparation


The most widespread natural disaster in the country is floods. The risk of flooding goes up in spring as snow and ice melt and rainfall increases. Prepare your home for flooding by creating an emergency kit and an emergency plan for your family. Check your insurance policy to be certain you have flood insurance and keep your electric panel, water heater, and furnace elevated if your home is vulnerable to flooding.


Spring Break


Another concern for homeowners in the spring is going on vacation. To prevent theft when you leave for spring break, ask a friend to keep an eye on your house and property. Leave blinds open, as closing them is a clear indicator that you are not home. Use timers on light switches to make it appear that you are still home, and never announce on social media that you are going away on vacation.


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