Although the news relays information about fatal car accidents almost daily, people keep making the same fatal mistakes. Such accidents are often complex occurrences. Do you know which causes are responsible for the most fatal accidents in the past few years?
  • Failure to maintain lane – Many new vehicles have technology that alerts drivers when they start to drift outside of a lane, but many drivers on the road don’t have access to this feature yet. Failure to maintain lanes is the cause responsible for fatal crashes in most U.S. states, including Ohio.
  • Reckless driving – Reckless driving is also responsible for many fatal accidents. When a driver fails to use reasonable caution while navigating the roads, he or she is engaging in reckless driving, which is a citable offense that can cause deadly consequences.
  • Failure to yield – Drivers who don’t pay attention to yield signs, who don’t understand who has the right of way during a turn, or who disregard any situations on the road in which yielding is prudent could be contributing to a fatal accident. When in doubt, always try to make eye contact with other drivers and wait until it’s safe to enter traffic.


Other Common Errors

These are some of the most common driving behaviors that lead directly to fatal crashes. Other common causes include over-correcting, turning improperly, and not adjusting to road conditions. What this information does not provide is an insight into contributing factors that cause individuals to drift out of lane or drive recklessly. The activities most likely to contribute to poor driving behaviors include:
  • Distracted driving – The most common predictor of fatalities sounds too simple; it’s driving while distracted. Although you might have thought that texting or driving drunk is the top cause, a number of additional distracting activities (reaching for something in the back seat, putting on makeup, eating and drinking, reading a map, etc.) are problems in the United States today. Even talking to the passenger sitting next to you can distract you enough to cause a fatal crash. Boredom from a regular commute is a huge distraction. If you must multitask while driving, try to engage in safer activities, such as listening to a podcast or using a hands-free phone. The bottom line is that if you drive irregularly or regularly, make sure you’re paying attention.
  • Reckless and illegal behaviors – Drinking, getting high before driving, and speeding are some of the most commonly cited reasons for accidents that we hear about in the news. Not only is the behavior dangerous, but it’s also illegal. Everybody reacts differently to alcohol, whether you register above 0.08% blood alcohol content or not. Err on the side of caution and abstain from engaging in dangerous activities on the road.
Paying attention while driving is the best way people from every location and demographic can stay safe. Don’t drive when you’re tired or otherwise impaired, and look out for other drivers on the road. When it comes to car accidents in Ohio, the attorneys at Erney Law can help. When you need a car accident injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio you can trust, give us a call.