Under Ohio law, there is no liability if a person slips and falls on a natural accumulation of ice and / or snow. There are some exceptions. For example, if a business owner or homeowner shovels their snow they have a duty to shovel the snow with reasonable care. If they fail to use reasonable care, they could be liable.

The same is true for removal of ice. If a business owner or homeowner voluntarily attempts to remove ice, once again, it must be removed with reasonable care. If reasonable care is not used, there could be liability.

If a person slips and falls on an unnatural accumulation of ice, there also could be liability. An unnatural accumulation of ice would occur if water freezes on a sidewalk or parking lot after accumulating in an unnatural way. I handled a case a few years ago where ice formed in a parking lot as a result of water shooting out from a basement opening due to a faulty sump pump. I was able to successfully settle the case by arguing that the ice was formed unnaturally.

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