During the holiday shopping season, millions of toys are sold as parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and others try to find the perfect toys for the children in their lives. Unfortunately, there are many toys out there that pose a threat to children. While toy safety has improved over the years, there are still many toys that are recalled due to safety hazards. These unsafe toys can be a serious concern during the holiday season, as recalled toys may be left out on the shelves or other dangerous toys may have yet to be recalled. This holiday season, keep your kids safe by staying updated on toy recalls and following other tips for safe toy purchasing.

Dangerous Toys

Can a toy really be all that dangerous? For children, the answer is yes. Many toys on the market are recalled because they contain excessive amounts of lead, a chemical that can be very harmful in large quantities. Other toys face recalls because they pose choking hazards for small children and lack the proper labels. While toy recalls have been decreasing, there are still many toys out there that have caused harm to children, even some that have led to fatalities.

Avoiding Recalled Toys

The best way to avoid recalled toys is to stay updated on toy recalls as they are happening. Fortunately, there are many different resources on recalled products. To find what toys have been recalled, you can visit these websites:


On recalls.gov, you can even access a mobile app to help you avoid recalled toys while doing your holiday shopping in stores. This app enables you to simply search a product by name and find out if that toy has been recalled. In addition, the app offers photos of products have been recalled as well as tips on how to deal with recalled products that you already own.

More Tips for Toy Safety

In addition to watching out for recalled toys, you can also ensure that you are purchasing safe toys for your children in a few other ways. First, always purchase age-appropriate toys for your kids. Most toys have an age recommendation, and following this will help you keep your kids safe from potential toy hazards. Second, always follow the warnings of the manufacturer regarding any safety hazards that the toys you are purchasing pose. Finally, if necessary, monitor your children’s use of such toys.

When to Contact Ohio Injury Law

If you believe that you have purchased an unsafe toy, Ohio Injury Law can help. At Ohio Injury Law, we have handled several cases involving defective children’s products, ending with the manufacturer being held liable for these unsafe toys. When it comes to such products, manufacturers as well as sellers and distributors can be found liable for defects in design and manufacture, failure to warn about dangers or follow through on warranties, and instructions that are incomplete or incorrect. Contact Ohio Injury Law today to find out whether or not you have a potential claim.