Dog attacks can happen when you least expect them. They can be extremely scary and dangerous if not handled correctly. There are certain things that you should do when being approached or attacked by a dog.

Animals can sense fear so it is important to remain calm. The dog will get even more excited if you start screaming and will use that nervous energy as fuel. Also, refrain from waving your arms and legs around. It may go against your natural instinct, but by not waving your arms, you will seem less threatening to the dog. If you are moving when the dog approaches, instead of running away, stand still. If you start to run, the animal instinct to hunt will trigger within the dog and will excite it even further. By standing still and turning sideways to the dog, you will become less of a target and will show the dog that you are not intending to challenge him in any way. Avoid making eye contact; looking a dog directly in the face may seem like a challenge.

If a dog begins to attack you, try to give them something else to bite. If you are wearing a jacket or a long sleeve shirt, you can pull your arm out of one sleeve and put the empty sleeve in the dogs face. If the dog takes the bait, continue to remove the article of clothing. Usually giving the dog something to attack will pacify it long enough for you to walk away.

If the animal does start attacking you, try to hit or kick it in the throat, nose or back of the head. By hitting these areas, you will be able to stun the dog long enough to escape. If the dog does not bite you, try to back away slowly. The dog will eventually attack or lose interest and then you will be able to leave the situation.

If you are bitten by a dog, immediately focus on treating your wounds. You will need to get a tetanus shot if you have not received one within the last 5 years and you may also want to get rabies shot. If you are bleeding, apply pressure to the wound and use a sterile bandage to cover the wound. If you notice any signs of infection, contact your doctor immediately.

At Ohio Injury Law, Attorney Robert D. Erney offers a free legal consultation to discuss a potential dog bite claim. Every year, almost 80,000 people are seriously bitten by a dog and need medical attention. Since dog bites are preventable, Ohio had specific laws that hold dog owners responsible for any injury caused by their dogs.