A slip or fall in the workplace can happen suddenly and cause a disabling injury to anyone on your business’ property. Whether you own a business or work for one, a workplace must maintain reasonably safe conditions. Maintaining a safe property helps ensure the health of employees. By creating a safe environment, employees are allowed to remain productive and efficient.


Maintain Safety for All


Above all, keeping employees safe from harm is the top reason to keep your property hazard free. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 3 million employees sustain nonfatal injuries, including slips and falls, in the workplace each year. Unfortunately, a small percentage of these are fatal. Keeping employees safe from harm by removing safety hazards from your business property is essential.


Premises Liability


For businesses in any industry, maintaining a reasonably safe work environment is required to prevent a premises liability claim. If an employee suffers an injury due to lack of proper lighting, poorly constructed walkways or unmarked spills, this employee may be awarded compensation under premises liability laws. To help prevent this situation from occurring, it’s best to diligently remove safety hazards from the workplace.


Maintain Business Operation


Building a successful business is not possible without the right team of people. If a slip, trip or fall occurs in the workplace, a talented member of your team will be unable to participate in business operations. This can have a ripple effect on the productivity and efficiency of an entire organization. To keep your business running at an optimal level, you need all members of your hand-selected team safely on board.


Reduce Expenses


When an employee becomes injured at work due to preventable safety hazards, employers may incur additional expenses. Employers may be forced to pay for time off and legal fees while adding the costs of finding a temporary replacement to the budget. These preventable costs quickly add up, particularly for smaller companies with limited capital. Maintaining a safe work environment will reduce the possibility of incurring additional expenses.


Prepare to Stay Safe


Fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace. To keep your property safe, conduct a thorough evaluation of the premises and the equipment on site. Make sure to identify safety hazards both inside and outside your building. Many times, workplace injuries can occur while entering or leaving a building. Employers are responsible for the safety of the entire premises.


Provide Training


An efficient way to prevent safety hazards is to provide adequate training to employees. After evaluating work conditions, ensure employees are provided with the proper tools, such as non-slip footwear, to work safely. Consider establishing a reward program designed to motivate employees to identify and report safety hazards. The more people are involved in maintaining workplace safety, the better your company’s chances of reducing slips, trips and falls.


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