3 Times You May Need To Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks are one of the most dangerous vehicles on the roads in the US. Their large bulk makes them a hazard to other drivers, increasing both the risk and severity of accidents. In fact, there’s been a massive 52% increase in truck accidents since 2009, making it a serious problem for drivers around the country. 

If you are ever involved in an incident with a truck, it might be wise to seek legal advice. Here are three instances where you may need a truck accident lawyer to fight your case:

When you become injured after the accident

According to statistics, there were 121,000 truck accidents that resulted in injuries in 2018. The date for last year’s figures hasn’t been released, so we don’t know what they are right now. As such, this is the most accurate statistic to call upon, and it represents a big issue. A lot of drivers will be injured as a result of a truck accident. This is because trucks are much larger and more powerful than standard road vehicles. They are designed to be big and strong as they have to carry large loads and travel long distances. Therefore, being hit by a truck will always put the smaller vehicle at a disadvantage. 

If you become injured after the accident – and it wasn’t your fault – you are entitled to some compensation. Especially if the injury does either of the following:

  • Prevents you from going to work
  • Requires expensive medical bills

An injury that stops you from going to work can drain your sick pay and often leave you with limited funds for an extended period. In this case, you need a truck accident attorney to take legal action and claim compensation. Similarly, if you have large medical bills to treat the injury, it’s not fair to pay for them out of your own pocket. The accident wasn’t your fault, so the guilty party needs to pay up. 

It’s essential to call a truck accident lawyer as soon as you notice the signs of an injury following the accident!

Your property becomes damaged following an accident

You can be involved in a truck accident and receive no damage to yourself whatsoever. You are in good health, which is something to rejoice. However, your car could suffer extensive damages at the hands of the truck. As mentioned before, the size and weight of trucks make it very easy for them to total smaller vehicles. You will rarely escape from an incident without any damage to your property. 

In this situation, you should hire a truck accident lawyer to make a claim against the guilty party. A damaged vehicle will usually result in:

  • Expensive repairs or replacement parts
  • The need to buy a brand new car

In either instance, you’re parting with a lot of money when you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s not fair, and you don’t have to live with this financial burden. By working with truck accident lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, you will soon win your case and get as much compensation as possible. Now, you can fix your car or buy a brand new one without worrying about the costs. 

Someone you know was involved in a truck accident

Sometimes, you have no involvement in a truck accident at all. Still, you may need to hire a lawyer if someone you know was involved in one. It’s common for some people to get into accidents and take no action. Your friend or family member may complain that they were hit by a truck, but they’ve yet to take any legal steps. They’re letting their insurance take care of things, which is not advisable. 

If you know someone that’s been in a truck accident, help them hire a truck accident lawyer. It ensures that they get the best outcome out of a terrible situation. Insurance providers will rarely be on your side as they have to pay you if you make a claim. So, they try to give you as little as they possibly can. Don’t let your friend settle for a small sum; hire a truck accident attorney to help them get what they deserve. 

To summarize, you should always seek legal help if you have been involved or associated with an incident. Truck accidents are incredibly common and can have a negative impact on your health and finances. If you’re looking for trustworthy truck accident lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, contact us today. We will handle any case, helping you get the desired outcome.