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Mediators are a neutral party that is in between two parties during a dispute to help them with working towards a mutually beneficial agreement to their differences.

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Conflict resolution in mediation is a preferable alternative to court litigation. Mediation allows the parties to resolve their differences quickly without the costly efforts of court trials and appeals. This informal process uses an impartial third party or mediation attorney to help the disputing parties to resolve their conflict on a mutual decision. If you need professional mediation services, look no further than Erney Law in Columbus, Ohio for help guiding you into a successful agreement. 

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No fees unless your case wins

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Fair and full justice you deserve

5 reasons why you need a mediation lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Mediation is effective. More than 90% of mediation result in long-term results and mutual satisfaction. It has become a very valuable dispute resolution tool and is preferred by clients due to the fact that it utilizes less time and resources.
  • Mediation is quick. Mediation takes a fraction of the time as traditional court proceedings.
  • Mediation is cost-efficient. The cost of resolving your legal dispute depends on the complicity of the case and how many people are involved. It’s more financially beneficial to hire a moderator than two lawyers.
  • Mediation is convenient. When working with a mediator, you can choose convenient times that work best for all involved rather than a court appointed time.
  • Mediation is confidential. The mediator can issue a mediation agreement which prohibits disclosure of what is said during mediation.

The 5 stages of mediation in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Introductory meeting. In this stage parties will introduce themselves and their role. This is a way to get all involved parties familiar with each other and comfortable with the task at hand. The mediator will outline the process and discuss the protocol that should be followed.
  • Statement of the problem. After the introduction stage, the mediator will give each party the opportunity to explain their view of the issue. During this stage, the party not explaining their case, should remain silent. When parties begin to interrupt and bicker, the point of mediation is lost.
  • Gathering of Information. The mediator will require a written statement detailing the facts and evidence that will help reach a conclusion. After the facts are presented, the mediator will then ask individual party members to hash out their reasons, both emotionally and fiscally, for why their party has behaved in the manner they have and why they’re seeking a certain result.
  • Identifying the problem. The mediator will discuss what they feel is the heart of the issue based on the information received through briefs and dialogue with each party.
  • Bargaining. Once the issues have been determined the bargaining process can begin. The mediator will lay out potential settlement propositions on the table that require the participants to amend the settlement until they reach a mutual agreement.

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Personal injury cases can be complicated and not always guaranteed. Our process ensures that every client we represent will receive the best possible legal representation, positive financial outcome, and can start the healing process in a timely manner.

Step One - Free Case Evaluation

Free Case Evaluation

We will first review your case carefully, get to know you, and gain an understanding of your injuries.

Step Two - Monitor Your Care

Monitor Your Care

We ensure you are receiving the proper medical treatment during this difficult time.

Step Three - We Handle Everything

We Handle Everything

We will relieve the worry and burden of dealing with the insurance companies and maximize your financial recovery.

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