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Any person who works for any company can sue for sexual harassment. The sexual harassment does not have to be perpetrated by a member of the opposite sex. Both male and female employees are also protected from sexual harassment by a member of the same sex.

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To protect your rights if you have been sexually harassed, it is usually wise to seek the advice of a sexual harassment attorney immediately. If you want to try to work it out within your company first, you should consult your employee handbook and procedure manual to learn of the appropriate way to report sexual harassment within your company. If there is no manual and the company has a human resource department, it is generally smart to report the harassment to human resources. Any report of sexual harassment to your company should always be in writing and detail all of the facts. Erney Law in Columbus, Ohio can help you take the proper steps and fight for your justice.

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5 reasons why you need a sexual harassment in the workplace lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

  • An experienced sexual harassment in the workplace law firm like Erney Law in Columbus, Ohio has a lot of knowledge of sexual harassment laws and can help determine if the acts in question meet the criteria.
  • A sexual harassment attorney will help you diligently and concisely elaborate a response to the harasser.
  • A sexual harassment in the workplace attorney will explain in full detail how to report the sexual harassment to your employer.
  • A sexual harassment lawyer will provide in detail the next steps you should take to prevent further harassment.
  • Your sexual harassment attorney will explain how to prevent your employer from retaliating against you for reporting such conduct.

How can I identify sexual harassment in the workplace in Columbus, Ohio?

Sexual harassment is not only defined by physical touching. Sexual harassment does not have to be perpetrated by a member of the opposite sex. Both male and female employees are also protected from sexual harassment by a member of the same sex. It has been found to include a large range of inappropriate behaviors, including:

  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Unwanted sexual advances or propositions
  • Verbal conducts, slurs, or derogatory comments
  • Comments about a person’s body, appearance or sexual activity

Sexual harassment under Federal law is generally defined as unwanted sexual contact of two main types:

  • quid pro quo harassment, which occurs when employment or advancement is conditioned on the submission to unwelcome sexual advances; or
  • unwelcome sexual conduct that is severe or pervasive enough to create an abusive work environment for the employee

Any person who works for any company can sue for sexual harassment. The sexual harassment does not have to be perpetrated by a member of the opposite sex. Both male and female employees are also protected from sexual harassment by a member of the same sex.

How can I protect my self from further sexual harassment in the workplace in Columbus, Ohio?

In addition to helping you prepare to report your sexual harassment experience to your human resources department, your sexual harassment in the workplace attorney will walk you through the necessary steps you need to take in order to protect yourself from enduring another sexual harassment episode including:

  • Document the sexual harassment and any discussions you have about it with your employer
  • We will prepare you with ways to deal with your harasser if the harassment continues
  • We will advise you how to report additional instances of sexual harassment to your employer
  • Monitor your employer’s response to your sexual harassment complaint. This is important as you want to make sure your employer does not retaliate against you for reporting abusive conduct.

What will the court look for in my sexual harassment in the workplace lawsuit in Columbus, Ohio?

Whether the harassment is directed at you or someone else, for the plaintiff to be able to recover damages, they must establish that the sexual harassment was severe or pervasive. The court will look for the following:

  • Frequency of the conduct
  • Severity of the conduct
  • Whether the conduct was physically threatening, humiliating, or verbally offensive
  • Whether the conduct reasonably interfered with the employee’s work performance

Many times plaintiffs prevail in a “he said/she said” case, if the plaintiff is more credible than the perpetrator. However, it always helps if there are other witnesses to the sexual harassment or evidence that the perpetrator harassed other employees.

The law strictly prohibits an employer from retaliating against anyone who has opposed practices of sexual harassment and/or discrimination or has filed a complaint, testified or assisted in any proceeding involving sexual harassment. If the employer retaliates, the employee has yet another cause of action against the employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am being sexually harassed at work. What should I do?

You should immediately report the harassment to your supervisor. If it is your supervisor who is the harasser, you should report the harassment to the person who supervises them. The company should investigate your complaints.

Are there different kinds of sexual harassment?

Yes. There are two types of sexual harassment. Quid quo pro sexual harassment is when a person tells you that in order to keep your job, you have to do something sexually for them. Hostile work environment sexual harassment is when your co – workers and / or supervisor make it so uncomfortable for you to work there that you don’t want to anymore. This can include sexually oriented joking, name – calling, lewd messages, and other types of hostility.

I reported sexual harassment to my supervisor but it is has not stopped. What should I do?

If the sexual harassment continues after you report it to your supervisor, contact an experienced sexual harassment attorney to discuss all of your options. Our law firm has successfully handled many sexual harassment cases and we would be happy to discuss yours with you.

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