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Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution in which an unbiased third party helps to resolve legal disputes. During this process, the arbitrator will render a decision, which informs the parties of who won the arbitration and the amount of the award.

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Are you in disagreement with your neighbor? Are you feuding with a landlord or tenant? Discrepancy in services or products with a vendor? No matter what the situation is, a viable solution to your disagreement is arbitration. Meet with Erney Law in Columbus, Ohio and expedite your case. Flexible scheduling and faster results mean spending less money than you would in the drawn out process a court battle poses. 


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5 reasons why you need an arbitration lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Expediency. Unlike a courtroom proceeding, arbitration is a very quick process. If there is a genuine dispute in how your case should be resolved, arbitration can remove months or years from the outcome timeline.
  • Privacy. This dispute will be held privately, out of the public eye.
  • Economics. Due to the speed and ability to sprint through to a resolution, hourly billing will be a fraction of what lawyer preparation and litigation would cost.
  • Leverage. Arbitration holds more leverage for the party whose in the right as there is no room for the defendant to use the drawn out court process as leverage against you.
  • Subject Matter Expertise. The parties involved are in a position to select experts on the matter at hand to sit on their panel that will help decide the outcome. In some cases, the facts are too complex for that of a lawyer or judge to confidently rule on. Highly educated subject matter experts can greatly reduce the risk of a poor decision being the outcome.

How will I know if my case is appropriate for arbitration?

Arbitration appropriate

The arbitration route is best for cases in which the parties involved in a dispute are seeking another person to decide the outcome of their disagreement while avoiding the formality, timeline, and expenses that come with a courtroom trial. It is also widely appropriate for those seeking the outcome from a highly-trained and well-educated individual that holds professional expertise on the subject matter.

Not Arbitration appropriate

The traditional courtroom litigation route is best for cases in which the parties involved in a dispute are seeking to retain control over how their dispute is resolved. In arbitration, the result is bound and cannot be appealed, even if the the result is not supported by the evidence presented or the law.

What are some benefits of arbitration in Columbus, Ohio?

  • Save Time and Money. A dispute can be settled in a fraction of the time of that through a traditional litigation. When cases are solved through arbitration, the parties involved save money that would have been spent on attorney fees, court costs, expert witness fees, and other associated litigation expenses.
  • Increased Control over the Outcome. Parties involved play a major role in how the process and outcome of the dispute is resolved. There is a far greater opportunity to explain your side of the story than a standard trial and you have the ability to appoint an expert to help decide the outcome.
  • Preservation of Relationships. Arbitration is a less hostile dispute resolution method. An experienced arbitrator like Erney Law in Columbus, Ohio will effectively assist the parties to calmly and articulately communicate. Having this ability is a major advantage for those in dispute to maintain their existing relationship.
  • Increased Satisfaction. Trials end with a winner and a loser. In most cases, the loser is completely unhappy and the winner may not be satisfied with the outcome even though they “won”. Arbitration allows for a win-win solution.

The 6 stages of arbitration in Columbus, Ohio.

Stage 1: Initial Pleadings

  • We will meet with you and learn the facts about your case and make sure we’re in full understanding of your goals and objectives. At this time we’ll discuss the laws that govern your claim and decide whether the facts fall in your favor or against you.
  • Once our meeting is completed, a Statement of Claim describing how you have been harmed, who you’ve been harmed by, and the damages you’re seeking. We’ll then work with you in revising the Claim until you deem it accurate, then will be filed.

Stage 2: Panel Selection

  • During this stage, you will build your representatives including experts on the subject matter.

Stage 3: Discovery

  • During this time, the parties attempt to identify important and relevant documents, information, and witnesses they will need in order to present their claims and defenses at the final hearing. Robert D. Erney will help you find these important items as well as prepare a detailed list and subpoena of documents, information and witnesses on the other side.
  • Robert D. Erney will also work with you in preparing a response and objections to any document issued to you by the opposition.
  • If a particular discovery issue cannot be resolved, we will prepare, respond to and argue any motions that may be filed.

Stage 4: Trial Prep

  • During this phase, we’ll remove any and all possibilities of any surprises at the final hearing. Being fully prepared for the final hearing will allow you to solely focus on presenting your claims or defenses.
  • We’ll review all of the documents obtained during discovery and work with you to identify and prepare exhibits and witnesses to be used in the final hearing.
  • We’ll prepare examination for any witness that may be called as well as your own testimony.

Stage 5: The Final Hearing

  • Final hearings can last from just a day to longer than a week. Typical final hearings begin at 9:00 am and run until 5:00 pm, allowing for an hour lunch break and additional smaller breaks as needed.
  • Prior to the final hearing beginning, the arbitrator, attorneys, and both parties will introduce themselves. The procedures will be explained and the preliminary issues will be resolved before moving forward.
  • The parties will make their opening statement, then the Claimant will present their case by calling witnesses and evidence. The Respondent will then make their arguments. The Panel then deliberates and issues an Award based on their findings. The ruling can take up to 30 days.

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