Injured in or around Your Rented Apartment, Condo, or Home? Stuck with Unpaid Medical Bills? Know your Rights under the Law.

In Ohio, the law affords greater protection for tenants who suffer an injury as a result of the landlord’s negligence, or because of the landlord’s failure to maintain common areas and/or warn of hidden dangers on its property. Guests of tenants may also have a claim against the landlord. Here are some important factors to determine whether you have a legal case against your landlord:

1) Where did the injury occur?
Generally, a tenant has a greater chance of recovery when her injury occurred in a “common area.” A common area is typically an area available for use by some or all of its tenants. Some examples of a common area would be a lobby, corridor, stairway, parking lot, laundry room, elevator, or fitness facility. If your landlord had knowledge about a defective or faulty condition, and he failed to repair it in a timely fashion, he may be liable to you for your injuries. It is critical that you notify the landlord of any dangerous conditions – either in your apartment or the common area. For example, if the stairwell leading into your unit is wobbly and unsafe, and you notify your landlord, he is now on notice of a dangerous and defective condition on his property. He has a duty to inspect and repair the unsafe stair/stairwell.

On the other hand, if your injury occurred inside your rental unit, proving that your landlord was negligent becomes a bit tricky. If you were injured because of a known, hidden danger (such as a hole that was covered up), or if you were injured because of faulty workmanship, you may be entitled to compensation.

2) How did the injury occur?
So, you were injured inside or around your leased rental property. The next question turns on how the injury happened. Depending on the circumstances of your particular injury may determine whether your landlord is liable to you for your injury.

3) What type of compensation can I receive?
Under Ohio law, you may be entitled for the amount of your medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, restrictions, and limitations.

Each injury and each situation is different and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with legal professionals with particular knowledge in this area of the law. Our law firm has experience with a variety of tenant injury cases including stairwell falls, faulty windows, and other injuries because of faulty workmanship. Call our law firm today at 614-258-6100 for a free consultation.