While the chance of being seriously injured on a theme park ride is only 1 in 24 million, there are plenty of other dangers lurking around the corner. That isn’t meant to scare anyone, but rather to encourage you to think about safety when visiting your favorite theme park this summer.


Believe it or not, almost all theme park injuries can be avoided with proper prevention measures in place. Here are a few of our favorite tips for staying safe:


Stay Cool!


In order to get the most out of your day, stay cool and don’t get burned. Common theme park injuries and accidents include sunburn, heat exhaustion, rashes, heatstroke, and dehydration. You can avoid all of these by applying sun screen, wearing appropriate clothing, seeking shade, and drinking plenty of fluids. While theme park concession stands are loaded with sugary drinks and treats, opt for water whenever you can.


Watch the Kids


If you are taking young kids to the park, ensure someone is always keeping an eye on them. You would be surprised how easy it is to lose track of a child at a crowded theme park. While you should always watch them, most of your child’s safety depends on how you prepare them for the day. Sit down and discuss all of your plans before running through the gates. They should know where to go if they get lost, what to tell park officials, and who to avoid speaking to. If you want to be extra careful, try writing your phone number on their arm.


Follow the Rules


While you may feel like signs and fences are restricting your fun at the park, always obey them. They exist for a reason and keep wandering visitors from dangerous areas that could cause injury or death.


Dress Appropriately


To avoid injury and have fun while at the park, dress appropriately! This means wearing close-toed shoes and leaving dangly jewelry and baggy clothing at home. If you have long, loose hair, consider wearing it up.


Know Your Limits


If you know you have certain health restrictions and physical limitations, don’t push them. Speak with a doctor before visiting a theme park and make sure you only ride on rides that you can physically handle. While at the park, you can always ask the ride operator whether or not you should ride a ride, but remember they are not a medical professional.


Buddy Up!


No matter how old you are, it always helps to travel in pairs at amusement parks. This ensures you are never lost and means you have someone looking out for your safety. Most accidents happen when no one is watching or paying attention to where you are.


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