There are a high number of law firms in each city, finding the perfect one for you and your needs can seem overwhelming. There are vital questions that you can ask when consulting with a lawyer to determine if they are the one that will be best for your case.


After explaining your situation and specific need, confirm that the lawyer you are speaking with has experience in that area. Ask the attorney about their professional experience taking cases similar to yours. Do they have any special credentials that would be beneficial regarding your situation? What exactly do they bring to your case?


Sometimes non-verbal communication is more important than any question you could ask. Pay attention to how each potential attorney acts and how comfortable you feel around them. If they seem to have a genuine interest in your case during your initial meeting, you will most likely have a better experience working with them in the future.


Ask the attorney what expenses would be involved if they accepted your case. Attorney fees are usually calculated based on the type of cases. Ask if you are going to be charged one flat fee or if you are charged based on an hourly rate. Also, be sure to ask about court fees and what expenses will need to be paid to the court to complete your case. Attorneys are expensive and it is important to know all fees associated before committing to one. Ask about the payment plan and how often payments are expected. Getting these fees put in writing will guarantee that you will have no dispute regarding fees in the future.

Level of Communication

When you speak to your lawyer, ask specifically about the expected level of communication. Ask specifically about their procedure on reporting case updates back to you. Are you expected to call and ask for the updates? How long is the case expected to last? Some law offices bill for time spent talking with you on the phone or communicating with you via email. You will need to set up an agreement about the frequency of communication and the ability to contact them, should you have an emergency within your case. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to reach your lawyer but not being able to do so for days.


Ask the attorney what process they believe that your case will take. If you do not understand something that they are saying, ask them to explain it in different terms. It is vital that you have a clear idea of the road ahead. What steps will be taken in preparation and resolution?

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