Distracted driving, especially texting while driving, has become one of the leading causes of car accidents in the U.S. As smartphones continue to be an essential tool for communication in our daily lives, they offer more distractions. Statistics show that the likelihood of getting into a car accident because of texting is about six times greater than getting into a collision with someone who has been driving under the influence. Texting while driving is also the same as driving blindfolded for five seconds at a time. Unfortunately, we still see people on the road texting behind the wheel too frequently.
So, why do people continue to text while driving if we know these statistics? These are the top reasons that texting while driving is on the upward trend.
1. Need to Connect. Whether it be phone calls or texting, we have developed a need to be in continuous contact with people. This largely stems from how drastically forms of communication have changed over the years. The convenience of smartphones makes them easily accessible for communication at all times of the day. Therefore, when people aren’t using their phones, they can feel disconnected.
2. Apps. Not only is texting a common cause for distracted driving, but phone applications can also cause great distraction. When drivers are stopped at a light or stuck in traffic, social media applications can pull drivers away from their attention on the roads with the quick click of a button. Applications are another element that can make people feel connected and plugged in to what’s going on around them.
3. Surfing the Web. Whether it’s checking in with the news or looking up directions, having instant access to the internet is another culprit of distracted driving. Because people live such busy lives, car time often becomes a time to catch up on things.
There are many ways smartphones can be a distraction while driving. Although they are convenient and useful for safety while on the road, they should never be used while driving your car. To avoid the urge to check in with your phone, it’s a good practice to keep it out of reach in the back seat. Driving is one of the most dangerous activities we engage in every day. It’s important to be alert to the road and aware of your surroundings.
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